Our Story

We are a sustainable vintage boutique trying to change how fashion impacts the world. 

We combine the use of eco-friendly packaging, well sourced, recycled vintage clothing, and other eco-friendly initiatives to make shopping for fashion more sustainable, positive, and environmentally friendly. 

By selling only well sourced, quality vintage clothing we are recycling old pieces and reducing the waste of fashion on our beautiful planet, one of the biggest environmental problems we face today. 

With every order we will gift you with an eco-friendly tote bag so that you can reduce the use of plastic in your everyday life. 

With every shipment, we are partnering with Offset, an organization that identifies the carbon footprint that we have left and balances it out with a small donation.  

Finally, we stand by tangible change in the world, change that you can not only feel but see. We are incredibly excited to introduce that with every purchase, you are contributing to our “arbor jar”, the result of which will be a donation to the Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization that plants trees all over the world.

How are we trying to change the world?

Fast fashion has become a huge problem, creating a dangerous cycle in which consumers purchase from fast fashion stores in bulk, wear the clothes for a season or two until they get tired of the piece or, due to low quality manufacturing standards, the piece becomes defective. The clothes are then thrown away into a landfill, creating pollution and harmful waste. 

Through our eco-friendly packaging, materials, and vintage merchandise, we will reduce the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment and introduce slow fashion to consumers.  

Why are we different than other vintage boutiques?

Our mission is to save the planet through vintage fashion. Every decision made here at Obstinate Boutique is carefully made and is fully contingent on reducing our carbon footprint. Through our sustainable packaging, eco-friendly totes, charitable donations and well sourced vintage pieces, we aim to slow down the vicious fashion cycle, giving our beautiful world a chance to breathe. 

arbor jar

For our launch we already made a donation to celebrate our opening! We are all about that fashionably sustainable mindset! You can check our receipts on our social medias since we are always updating and letting you guys know of our exciting news. So make sure to follow us! 

Lets make a change and live in a better planet!